Instagram for Florists 2400

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A six week in-depth online course to help you use Instagram effectively to grow your floristry business and attract your ideal clients

Course Outline

Welcome Video
Course Aim & Outline
How to Get the Most from the Course
WEEK 1 | Snapshot
Why Use Instagram?
Case Study: Anna Potter | Swallows & Damsons
Your Instagram Profile
Your Floristry Style
Your Ideal Audience
Your Instagram Style Guide
WEEK 1 | Wrap-Up

  • WEEK 2 | Snapshot
  • Content Creation
  • Your Instagram Grid
  • Planning Your Grid
  • Posting with Intention
  • Case Study: TBA *New for 2021*
  • WEEK 2 | Wrap-Up

WEEK 3 | Snapshot
Caption Overview
Starting Your Caption
Inside Your Caption
Ending Your Caption
Hashtag Essentials
Using Hashtags Effectively
Choosing Hashtags
Case Study: TBA *New for 2021*
WEEK 3 | Wrap-Up

WEEK 4 | Snapshot
Photography Overview
Phone Photography
Understanding Light
Mastering Composition
Styling Your Photos
Editing Your Photos
Case Study: Erin Benzakein | Floret
WEEK 4 | Wrap-Up

WEEK 5 | Snapshot
Stories Overview
Creating Stories
Mastering Stories
Video Essentials
Recording Videos
Camera Confidence
IGTV Guidelines
Reels Guidelines
Case Study: Katie Davis | Ponderosa & Thyme
WEEK 5 | Wrap-Up

WEEK 6 | Snapshot
Insights Overview
Overall Insights
Individual Insights
Using Insights
Case Study: TBA *New for 2021*
Overcoming Comparison
Algorithm Essentials
Fulfilling your Potential
WEEK 6 | Wrap-Up & Reflect
Congratulations Video

Lovely Words from Past Students...

"Rona has absolutely revolutionised the way I utilise Instagram for my business. She breaks down the, sometimes overwhelming, world of social media making everything wonderfully cohesive. Rona’s calm and inclusive teaching style is full of insight and taking on the elusive Instagram algorithm actually feels really empowering! The content is rich and an actual gamechanger. I will be developing the knowledge imparted to me continually going forward. It really is a tool for life!"
"I highly recommend the Instagram for Florists On-Line Course. It is incredibly informative and beautifully organized. The gains made by the student, through a 6 week comprehensive and concise coursework, are remarkable. Please know that all content & challenges are taught in a cohesive, encouraging & engaging on-line environment. Thank you, Rona, for your expertise, guidance and for offering this course that far exceeded my expectations. I will continue to practice the lessons ."
"Rona's Instagram for Florists online course was so inspiring and has really given me insight and confidence when using Instagram. Rona's endless knowledge and words of encouragement throughout the course were so helpful. And everything that I have learnt is really at the forefront of my mind when using the platform. It's amazing to see how differently I now think about social media after just a few weeks. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you already use Instagram lots!"
"On a whim, I decided to take Rona's Instagram for Florists online course, because a friend said to me that you wouldn't have known I was in business judging by my Instagram account. It was May, the busiest month for a flower grower-florist and I did think I was a little mad to take it on at that time. However, I don't regret it for one minute as Rona has put together an extremely comprehensive and manageable course - cleverly formatted into bite sized pieces over a 6 week period. I've learnt new computer skills and have a new-found understanding of that mysterious creature, Instagram. I would highly recommend Rona as a teacher and despite my initial 'what have I done now' moment, found her course so inspirational and it will be something I reference time and again."